It describes using technology to make financial services faster, easier, and more accessible. This can include mobile banking apps, payment processors, robo-advisors, and cryptocurrency platforms.

Bamboo launches Nigerian stocks to help Nigerians diversify portfolio

2024 May 18 10 mins read

Bamboo Global Inc, a Nigerian-based online investment and brokerage company, has launched Nigerian stocks on its platfor...

Transfers might displace card transactions but not any time soon

2024 May 18 15 mins read

This week, Nigerian fintech, Paystack released details of its 2023 performance. One detail that did not go unnoticed was...

Flutterwave says customer funds not affected in alleged ₦11 billion breach

2024 May 18 8 mins read

Flutterwave has allegedly lost ₦11 billion to a security breach in April 2024. According to TechCabal, the perpetrat...

Zeepay to conduct outbound money transfers after approval from the Bank of Ghana

2024 May 18 8 mins read

Zeepay, a Ghanaian fintech startup, has received regulatory approval from the Bank of Ghana for outbound money transfer...

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