Technology is all about using knowledge to create things that solve problems or make things easier. It can be physical tools and machines, like smartphones and cars, or intangible things like software and processes. Technology is constantly evolving, shaping our world and how we live.

Exclusive: Ojoma Ochai, CcHub’s new MD, is eager to bring emerging tech to the mainstream

2024 May 18 25 mins read

Often described by colleagues as fun and easy-going, Ojoma Ochai takes her work seriously. The creative and digital econ...

Fundus AI, XchangeBox win Gitex Africa 2024 Road Show, Abuja

2024 May 18 10 mins read

On Monday, Gitex, the world’s largest tech and startup show, kicked off its 2024 Road Show in Abuja. The event featured...

Navigating the African tech media landscape for startups

2024 May 18 26 mins read

Occasionally, a crisis or controversy in the African tech ecosystem ignites debates among founders and influencers about...

Nigeria, Egypt among world’s 10 fastest-growing countries for software developers in 2023

2024 May 18 13 mins read

The latest data from GitHub, a global hub for software development, has listed the two African economies – Nigeria and E...

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